Test planning "Schwamedinger Dreieck". Part sociology.

Lead-managed by 'blue architects', Zurich.

Project duration (May - Dec 2011)

Housing shortage, real estate bubble, tenancy law.

Organize a conference (Sep. 2011) for the tenants' association
(Project duration 2011)

National urban development policy (Federal Office for Building and Regional Planning BBR, Germany)

Participate in a workshop "Werkstattgespräch 01": Strategies for dealing with vacancy in urban development. September 2011, Leipzig.

Hamburg city planning seminar as guest in Zurich

Excursion organization and management by INURA Zurich Institute.

Program (23.5.-28.5.2011) as download.

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Book production zone*imaginaire.

The research report was rewritten (by Philipp Klaus) and divided into reader-friendly chapters. The new concept also includes new interviews which were done by help of the scenographer Stephan Müller (production), the graphic designers Julie Joliat and Clauda Stöckli (design), as well as the photographer Thomas Widmer. zone*imaginaire - Zwischennutzungen in alten Industriearealen' has been published by vdf-Verlag (project duration Mar - Nov 2009).

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Escher, der Engel und die Fibonacci-Zahlen

Film production by Dschoint Ventschr for the German-French cultural broadcaster ARTE. Content consulting by INURA Zurich Institute (project duration 2008 - 2009).

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City centres, attractions, reurbanisation, shopping

Funded by the Gottlieb Duttweiler Institut GDI, Rüschlikon.

(Project duration Oct – Dec 2006)

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Stäfa ZH: Process to a new planning culture

(Project duration 2006-2007)

Particulate matter PM10

(Project duration 2005-2009), various funders.

White paper - Road construction (Northern Zurich)

(Project duration 2005), various funders.

Transbablyon Panel

Series of events as integration project on questions of neighbourhood life in district 5, Zurich.

Federal Commission for Foreigners, Canton of Zurich (project duration 2004 - 2005).

Western Zurich: sustainable development

(Project duration 2001-2002), funded by the foundation Hamasil.